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TP4056 Micro USB 5V 1A Lithium Battery Charger with DW01 Battery Protection IC for Arduino Raspberry Pi ESP8266 Robotics - ( pack of 10 )

MRP : 3000.00

Price : 1350.00 FREE Delivery ( Inclusive of all taxes )

You Save: 1650

Sold By: Unicorpse

  • Input Voltage: 4.5~5.5V
  • Full charging voltage: 4.2V
  • This module is used for single-cell lithium or lithium multi-section parallel, charging ports can take power from USB.
  • It can be used for voltage 3.6 3.7V, etc. 18650, polymer and other lithium battery charge and discharge protection.
  • MINI USB input terminal with a female, can be directly input to do with the phone charger rechargeable lithium battery, and still retains the input voltage wiring pads, can be very convenient DIY.
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SKU: TH2162TH227

Categories:Robotics, Sensor

Tags : TP4056, USB 5V


>Want to easily add a rechargeable battery to your electronic projects? Then the TP4056 charger IC paired with the DW01 battery protection IC in this module are for you! This 3-pack of the tiny breakout board is perfect for charging single-cell 3.7V 1Ah—or higher LiPo cells such as 16550s—that don't have their own protection circuit.
>The fantastic TP4056 charger IC and DW01 battery protection IC this module will offer 1A charge current then cut off when finished. Thanks to the protection IC, when the battery voltage drops below 2.4V the protection IC will switch the load off to protect the cell from running at too low of a voltage. In addition, this IC also protects against over-voltage and reverse polarity connection, usually destroying itself instead of the battery. Nonetheless, we cannot emphasize enough to please check you have it connected correctly the first time.
>This breakout board makes it easy to add a rechargeable Lithium battery to your microcontroller board or single-board computer


>Connect Micro-USB cable for power, or 5V DC to pads marked IN+ and IN–
>Connect cell to charge to B+/B– pads
>Connect a load (something for the battery to power) to OUT+/OUT- pads
>[Important] Disconnect load when charging
>Red LED indicates charging in progress, green LED indicates charging done.
>[Important] Never charge your battery at a rate greater than 1C


>Input voltage: 5V via Micro-USB or IN+ and IN– solder pads
>Full charge voltage: 4.2V
>Charging current: 1A adjustable (cf. datasheet for details)


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