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AVR ISP 10 Pin to 6 Pin Adapter Board

MRP : 200.00

Price : 120.00 FREE Delivery ( Inclusive of all taxes )

You Save: 80

Sold By: Unicorpse

  • Made of high-quality material, practical and durable
  • No. of Pinon USBASP side: 10.
  • No. of Pinon Device under programming side: 6.
  • Connector type on USBASP side: Male.
  • Pin Numbers Text: Yes on Top and Bottom sides of every pin.
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SKU: TH2266TH845

Categories:Robotics, Sensor

Tags : 10 Pin to 6 Pin,Adapter Board

This is 10 Pin to 6 Pin Adapter Board  AVR ISP USBASP STK500. The standard 10PIN  programmer can be used to interface to standard 6PIN Interface Converter. AVR MCU development board can be used to download Interface Converter and also an Arduino development board can be used for the ISP interface converter.

Support Programmer :
  1. USBASP V2.0 (Not included with Adapter).
  2. USBASP V1.0 (Not included with Adapter).
Support Boards :
  1. Arduino UNO R3
  2. Arduino-Nano
  3. Arduino Leonardo
  4. Arduino-Pro mini
  5. Arduino-Lilypad
  6. Arduino Mega2560
    Any other embedded microcontroller board with Atmel AVR microcontroller and 6-pin ISP port.


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